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The Main Components of Your Walk-In Cooler

If you run a restaurant, bar, or bakery your walk- in cooler could be one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have! Knowing the main components of your equipment can help you better understand how they work and how to spot signs of maintenance needed to keep them operating at peak performance.


Every walk-in cooler utilizes an evaporator to freeze the moisture in the air within the unit. This piece of the walk-in cooler creates a protective barrier for your goods to ensure no heat damages or spoils them. Checking your evaporator for ice build up will help you maintain your products.

If your evaporator does show a build up of ice on the coils then running a defrost cycle will melt and drain this water away from your system.


The condenser removes the heat from the walk- in cooler unit to help it maintain a cool temperature. The hot air from the unit is vented out with the help of fans built into the unit. This removal of hot air also helps the unit to maintain the ideal temperature for your food to ensure safety.

If you notice a high discharge temperature in your walk-in cooler unit, it could be an indication that your condenser coils are dirty or a fan may be damaged.


The compressor of a walk-in cooler works in conjunction with other components to add pressure to the refrigerant in the cooling unit. The cooling unit then absorbs heat and cools the air which causes the refrigerant to evaporate and flow back into the compressor.

All Pro Cooler’s custom designed refrigeration units are built of the highest quality panels and equipment, and backed by our satisfaction guarantee. All refrigeration equipment comes with a 1 year warranty, all cooler and freezer doors are guaranteed for 3 years and all panels for 5 years. We also provide service for all of our equipment during warranty periods.

All Pro Coolers has been providing custom designed walk- in coolers, walk- in freezer, glass doorswaps and reach- ins for businesses in the SouthEast United States for over 5 years. We work closely with businesses of all sizes to provide them with their ideal refrigeration solutions within their budget.

We are experienced in many industries including: restaurants, flower shops, bars, baking distributors, breweries, convenience stores, produce stores and commercial hunting establishments. Please contact our office today to request a free quote for your business!

All Pro Coolers, LLC.

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Serving the Eastern States of the US in all their custom commercial refrigerator and freezer needs!


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