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About us

A Leader In Commercial 


We Distribute Only the Best Coolers and Freezers.

​Keep your goods fresh and cool at all times. A trusted name in the commercial refrigeration industry, All Pro Coolers is your reliable source for superior refrigeration equipment and accessories. For years, our company has been distributing walk-in coolers and freezers to bars, breweries, and other small businesses in the area. Rest assured that with us, you get refrigeration equipment tailored to your specific needs.



Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

The creator and owner of All Pro Coolers was raised in the world of walk-ins, but saw a need for changes to be made. He realized at a young age that a walk-in can make or break a business, and that most manufacturers in the business were making it nearly impossible to afford. With that information in hand he made the decision to become a walk-in provider himself, with a dream of reforming the market. In 2016, All Pro Coolers became the LLC it is today with a purpose of providing quality services and materials at a price the consumer can actually afford.

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