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Floral Coolers 101

Coolers are necessary for many different types of businesses, even florists! In order to preserve flowers at their best color and vitality, many florists enlist the help of a specialized cooler.

What Kind of Coolers are best for Floral Arrangements?

Keeping flowers looking and smelling their best is vital for flower shops that use them to create intricate floral arrangements. For these special bits of decor, maintaining a stable temperature is very important. Some flowers cannot withstand variations of as little as 5 degrees before they begin to wilt. For this very reason, it is important to have a specialized cooler that maintains an even temperature even when the doors are opened.

What Temperature is best for storing cut flowers for Floral Business?

Like all other living things, flowers generate heat. Retention of this heat has been linked to a rapid decline in the health of flowers. Those stored in small enclosed places are subject to more heat and therefore age quicker. Storing flowers at a cooler temperature is key to maintaining the youth of cut flowers for as long as possible.

Most cut flowers are best when stored at temperatures between 32 and 40 degrees.

How are Floral Coolers different from Food Coolers?

Another requirement for improving the longevity of cut flowers is high humidity. Floral coolers use a special system of air circulation to create an environment with higher levels of humidity while also maintaining a stable temperature. The high humidity is important for the flowers so that they do not become dried out. The high levels of humidity require that the exposed parts of the cooler be protected to prevent corrosion and also easy to clean to prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

Because of these important differences in the internal environment, floral coolers are not safe for food storage.

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