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  • How long do you usually take to install a box?
    Smaller boxes tend to take a day to build. Larger boxes vary depending on size, typically it will take two days to a week to complete.
  • What quality are the panels?
    All of our equipment is NSF approved. We offer brand new NSF approved panel core options and we also offer NSF approved reconditioned panels depending on the request of the customer.
  • How can you sell coolers priced much lower than the competition?
    We are able to offer different price points for our custom refrigeration systems by utilizing reconditioned options along with new options! This allows us to create the perfect system for any bar, restaurant, convenience store, grocery store and any other location in need of walk-in coolers and freezers while maintaining the budgetary needs of the customer.
  • Do we have any budget options for panels?
    Yes we do. We have plenty of budget friendly options for those who are interested.
  • How do I master reset my self contained unit?
  • How do I set defrost frequency on my self contained unit?
  • How do you adjust self contained low temp with IP code error?
  • Do I need an expansion valve for Trexton Refrigeration?
  • What size expansion valve - TXV?
    Please match TXV to horsepower of condenser unit.
  • Do I need a solenoid valve when using a Trexton condenser?
    No. The solenoid valve is housed in the condensing unit.
  • Do I need to have basic refrigeration knowledge to install the equipment?
    Yes. We recommend having basic knowledge when installing refrigeration. HINT: Having advanced refrigeration knowledge will assist in a smooth and easy installation.
  • How far back is recommended off the wall to place the evaporator coil?
    Here at All Pro, we recommend placing the evaporator at same distance, equal to the depth of the evaporator.
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